Small Mid Century Modern Credenza

DIY Mid Century Modern Credenza

Mid century modern credenza – In the mid-20th century, households use dressers for storage in the kitchen to save space. A dresser can serve other purposes as well, as in the living room or bedroom. Anywhere you can use any additional storage or need a decorative piece of furniture to dress the room is a good place for a mid-century dresser. However, a real dresser can be expensive. Instead, you can make your own cabinets purchased in a store home improvement.

DIY mid century modern credenza, Remove the side fences of the bottom of the box with a saw. Furniture feet bear lockers instead. Place the cabinets directly against each other. Insert two strips of 1-by-3-inch furring in between each pair of closets – one in the front and one on the back. Drill pilot holes through cabinet, the furring strips and other cabinet. Insert the wood screws to hold the cabinets together. Cut 4 pieces of plywood to fit over the outer sides of the cabinets range. Cut half lattice by 1 inch to fit across the front of the three closets and 1 inch. Cut lattice strips 1/2-by-2-inch to fit over the dividers between cabinets. Install metal foot plates at the outer corners at the bottom of the cabinets. Turn the feet in place on the foot plates to give the dresser legs. Turn around the vertical dresser so standing on his legs. Measure the height of the drawers and divide in half to determine where to place the cabinet knobs vertically in the drawer.

DIY mid century modern credenza, Drilling 11 holes in the drawer where he placed the pencil marks. Nail a small block of wood in each cabinet behind the doors in the place where you want to install the push latch. Install the push latch with screws. Place the metal plate on the latch end thrust. Screw the metal plate in place on the back of the door. Cut a piece of wood to fit on top of the cabinets. Cut pieces 17 molding bed 3/4 to accommodate below the top of plywood. Sand whole dresser with sandpaper medium grain to help the paint to adhere. Paint the dresser with paint to match the environment or wood stain that goes well with your other furniture.

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