Modern Wooden Kitchen Type

Modern Wooden Kitchen: Warm And Popular!

Modern wooden kitchen – A classic kitchen is warm and inviting. Here are some great ideas for kitchens classic style with wooden furniture, which become focus of attention. Wooden furniture in classic style finishes bring carvings, knobs and curved lines. Some kitchen designs include great islands in different ways to add more storage space as small dining area daily.

Modern wooden kitchen is a material that always looks good, it adapts to all spaces, styles and tastes. It is therefore no coincidence that increasingly more projects kitchen incorporating a breakfast bar or meals in favorite room of house. Same occurs with islands and peninsulas, this new element so fashionable, are also presented as a great help in organizing our kitchen, without blocking traffic.

Modern wooden kitchen used in cabinets usually mahogany, cherry or oak, very strong and resilient imposing style and elegance to kitchen design. Some kitchens are painted in bright colors, widely used for this classic and modern style kitchen. Colors used for classic kitchens are usually white, light gray, cream or light green, contrasting or complementing color decor with solid wood furniture.

To complement style, area of dashboard is usually of natural materials like stone, brick or tile time. Countertops are some stone like granite, marble or quartz. Other types used are wood and concrete countertops. Another feature to decorate classic cuisine is lighting where we see beautiful lamps hanging ceiling.

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