Popular Modern Toilet Paper Holder

Place A Modern Toilet Paper Holder

Modern toilet paper holder – Maintaining a bathroom decorated and functional makes spending time in the nice bathroom and will impress customers. The move to a new place or remodel a bathroom means the bathroom fixtures must be installed before the bathroom can be used. First, and most importantly, it is the placement of the toilet paper holder. The toilet paper must be installed in the vicinity of the toilet for convenient use.

Map of the bathing areas within walking distance of the toilet. Determine which walls are occupied and which walls are vacant. Plan to install the modern toilet paper holder on the wall to the right or left of the toilet if both the walls are available. Intend to install the toilet paper holder on the right side for a family or house of roommates who are primarily right – handed or left wall if a left hander person will mainly use the bathroom. Use any available wall, including the one in front of the toilet, if the wall of the left or right cannot be used because they are blocked by a shower, heating ventilation, sink, bath or other apparatus. Make sure the toilet paper holder can be easily reached.

Determine the height of the modern toilet paper holder by sitting on the toilet and reach an imaginary roll of toilet paper, then place a mark with a pencil at that height. Screw the toilet paper holder into a stud in the wall, using the pencil mark of Step 4 as a reference point; secure the support pin avoids dropping. Use hollow wall anchors instead of screws regular gypsum panels if the modern toilet paper holder cannot be installed on a pole. Drill a whole the same size as the anchor, insert the anchor, and then put in the screw.

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