Modern Fireplace Mantels Ideas

Stylish And Ultra Modern Fireplace Mantels

Modern fireplace mantels – A fireplace is a wonderful addition to your home. It is not only an alternative source of heat, but also creates a nice focal point in any room. If your home tends toward modern decor, you will want to decorate and design your fireplace to reflect this style instead of a more traditional decorating style.

A modern touch to your fireplace is to add a piece of art above. In modern fireplace mantels is work of art rather simple. Usually it is in a cool color such as red or orange, to add color to a room already neutral. Alternatively, you can find an artwork with color blocks of neutral colors such as gray or taupe. Either type of print should be large and almost match width of fireplace mantel.

Create a sleek design with your fireplace by propping or hang a large mirror at or above fireplace mantel. Mirror width of fireplace mantel and tall enough to reach almost to ceiling. This improves appearance of modern fireplace mantels and also adds brightness and light to your living room.

Use candles to make a stylish display on your fireplace mantel. One way to do that is to use tea lights to create this screen. You need about eight to 10 of them. Place them in a line, from one end to other. Make sure that each tea light candles are same distance from next. Another way to show candles on fireplace is to add a large candle on a candlestick in fireplace.

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